Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Update on 'Baby Miracle'

It's been reported today that six-month-old Miracletina Nanai - known as Baby Miracle - might undergo her first operation in Miami (USA) this coming Wednesday local time (Thursday AEDT).

All the best, Baby Miracle.

From the Age:

Six-month-old Miracletina Nanai - known as Baby Miracle - was given little
chance by doctors in Samoa but has survived against the odds.

She was born with sealed eyelids, malformed fingers and toes, a severe cleft lip and palate and spina bifida, and is missing the top of her skull.

She is now in the United States, where she may undergo her first operation in Miami on Wednesday local time (Thursday AEDT), said To'oa Kristin Taylor, from Samoa's THORN Ministries, who organised the trip.

She says Miracle has a meningocele, a type of spina bifida in which the spinal cord develops normally but the meninges protrude from a spinal opening.

"The meningocele on her back is the most important one. That is the one that can save her life. If that were to burst then we would lose her. Hopefully that will be done on Wednesday. If not, then soon thereafter," Taylor said.

Doctors initially told the child's parents not to feed the child because she had no hope of survival, but after food was smuggled into the hospital Miracle survived against the odds.

Following international exposure of Miracle's plight, an attempt was made to have her taken to New Zealand for surgery.

That attempt failed when immigration authorities refused her entry, citing a doctors' report that advised Miracle would not be cured by surgery.

But about three weeks' ago Miracle was taken to the United States with her parents Sefulu and Mikaele in a final bid to have the ailments corrected.

"The surgery was scheduled for this Wednesday but she fell ill. We have been trying to nurse her back to health. The doctors will tomorrow decide whether she is able to have surgery on Wednesday," Taylor said.

Taylor said her group was in the process of setting up a MySpace webpage for people to learn about Miracletina and donate money to help the little girl