Monday, March 17, 2008

Baby Miracle is recovering from her second surgery

Readers might recall earlier posts about Miracletina Nanai, the disabled Samoan baby, also known as Baby Miracle, who continues to push on, to progress, despite the predictions of doctors that she would not survive:

More news. Via comes word that Baby Miracle has come through her second operation at Miami Children's Hospital (Florida, USA).

Last week, Baby Miracle, who is 6-months-old, had her first operation to remove a fluid sac from her back (a complication of spina bifida). The fluid sac (meningocele) was potentially fatal because it threatened to burst.

Last Friday (March 14), she was recovering from a second round of surgery on her cleft lip and palate, and also her eyes so as to prepare them for shells that will enable her to get prosthetic eyes in the future. She has also had a feeding tube inserted and an amniotic band placed on her leg.

There are plans to perform surgeries on her hands, her feet and her skull in the future.

Baby Miracle, along with her family, is expected to be in the USA for six months. She is under the care of John Ragheb, chief of pediatric neurosrgery at Miami Children's Hospital, and S. Anthony Wolfe, chief of the hospital's plastic surgery division, who are providing medical services for her free of charge through the Child Foundation Inc.

There is more information about Baby Miracle, and fabulous photos, here.