Monday, July 23, 2007

Poem Recited at Disability Pride Parade Open Mic Night

Disabled Lovers
Two wheelchairs as one
By Monica Heffner

There’s nothing better than a man with a 14 -INCH- French- Catheter
We have so much in common
Our turn ons are roho cushions, padded arm rests, wheelie tippers and straight plated footrest

My pet name for him is my little Quickie
His pet name for me is Apria
He’s my wheelchair doctor when I’m feeling a little sick and needy

For fore play we use a reacher and a magnifying glass to arouse our senses.
Our checklist for sexual play consist of gel and a pump. (use your imagination)
When we feel real kinky we invite our Personal Assistant in our circle to assist us.

My Disabled Lover knows what I like and what I don’t like
He knows I like my under-pad/ chucks spread on the bed horizontal NOT vertical
He knows I like my therapeutic pillow between my knees NOT my thighs
He knows I like my night bag hung on the side of the bed toward the foot NOT the headof the bed
When I come home from work feeling tight around the shoulders and legs, he does this freaky thing called Range of Motion to loosen me up.

What a man! Ladies

Disabled Lovers are like One...
Two wheelchairs as One
Thank you