Wednesday, July 25, 2007

ADA Restoration Act

On July 26, an Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Restoration Act is going to be introduced in Congress which will allow people with disabilities to focus on alleged employment discrimination instead of having to prove that they are disabled enough to warrant ADA protection.

According to this press release from the AAPD, the courts have sided with business employers against people with disabilities who challenge employer discrimination 97% of the time. Actually, the courts have created an absurd situation that allows employers to say that a person is too disabled to do the job, but not disabled enough to be protected by the ADA. As one example, a person with a condition such as epilepsy or mental illness who can manage their condition with medication or "mitigating measures" is viewed as too functional to have a disability and is denied the protection of the ADA from employment discrimination.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were considered "too functional" for ADA protection in an employment situation?

See here for steps you can take to help ensure the support and passage of the ADA Restoration Act.