Saturday, January 27, 2007

Update on AMA Campaign

Thanks to all of you across the US who called and emailed and faxed the AMA on Friday! Unfortunately, we do not yet have a meeting time and date, so we are laying plans for next steps. Those of you on my email list, look out for news on Monday, January 29. To join this list, please email me at

FRIDA would like to give huge applause to everyone in the disability community who has worked hard to keep the Ashley Treatment issue alive in the media. We have heard from pissed-off people all over America, parents and people with disabilities alike. If you have ever doubted in your heart for one tiny second that a person with a disability might just be less than a full human being, know that there are millions of people out there who believe otherwise, and who are ready to do something about it. The disability community truly has POWER. Thank you all.
FRIDA would like to recognize major disability organizations for opposing the Ashley Treatment. Susan Fitzmaurice of Michigan is keeping an excellent list of statements from these organizations. Please visit her site at: Don't forget to sign her petition against the treatment.
FRIDA would like to invite you also to view a YouTube video by A M Baggs on the autism experience, which is dedicated in part to Ashley X. For the video, please visit: Never assume.

I would also like to apologize for the delay in posting to this blog as FRIDA has been working mainly through e-mail alerts.

Again, the RESPONSE by the disability community on this issue is staggering. Take every opportunity you can to educate your community on the Ashley X case and to stimulate debate on the rights of ALL people with disabilities.