Monday, January 29, 2007

FRIDA Thanks Our Friends!

FRIDA would like to THANK YOU and your friends/allies for faxing/calling/emailing the AMA on Friday! We heard people all over the country were getting into it. Vermont, New York, Oregon, Texas, South Carolina, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois (obviously) and on and on... It was great! We heard some people actually spoke to Dr. Sade. And Jon Burkhart was not in the office...he'll have a surprise this morning, thanks to you all!

Unfortunately, we have not yet got a set meeting date and time. You know what that means...more action! Over the weekend, FRIDA, with the support of Not Dead Yet and ADAPT, held a planning meeting to strategize our next move. We'll be sending out an alert this afternoon, so keep your eyes peeled! We have the force on our side, folks. It's incredible.

Til this afternoon! Power to the people!!!