Monday, October 08, 2007

What Can We Do About the Katie Thorpe Case?

Hi folks, this post is in response to a reader who wants to know what they can do about the Katie Thorpe case. First, just FYI, the case is generating a lot of news coverage over in the UK and disability rights organizations ARE making their views known. That's great! As for us over here, if you want to make a difference, some people to contact might be:

Mr Phil Robarts, Clinical Director, Obstetrics & Gynaecology. He is the one seeking legal approval to perform the hysterectomy. You can reach him via his secretary's e-mail at:
patricia.bell(at) or patricia.stimson(at)

Mr David Nicholson CBE, Chief Executive, NHS. You can give this guy a shot. He's in charge of the NHS hospital system. His e-mail is: David.nicholson(at)

Lord Hunt, Minister for Health and Safety. If you want to let the government-level folks know where you stand on this issue, e-mail Lord Hunt at ministers(at)

A suggestion, though you can certainly write what you want: argue your position as clearly and reasonably as possible, and note any personal experiences you may have that informs your point of view.

You may also contact Scope, which in the UK represents the interests of people with cerebral palsy. Their website is and the contact person you can reach to express your support is Suzanne Stevenson, suzanne.stevenson(at)

Good luck! If you can, let us know what sort of response you get.