Friday, July 04, 2008

The Australian Media Culture Journal has a special issue focussed on disability

The current issue of the Australian M/C Journal is titled 'Able' and it focusses on the exploration of "ability from a disability perspective, rather than disability from an able-ist perspective." It's edited by Liz Ferrier and Viv Muller, and its articles are available online.

Here is the table of contents:

. EDITORIAL: Disabling Able - Liz Ferrier, Viv Muller
. FEATURES: Refusing Able(ness): A Preliminary Conversation about Ableism - Fiona Kumari Campbell
. Mobilising the Monster: Modern Disabled Performers’ Manipulation of the Freakshow - Bree Hadley
. Disability, Heroism and Australian National Identity - Martin Mantle
. Enabling the Auteurial Voice in Dance Me to My Song - D. Bruno Starrs
. Ars Moriendi, the Erotic Self and AIDS - Catalina Florescu
. Creating Visible Children? - Nicole Mathews
. Shattering the Hearing Wall - Donna McDonald
. Amniocentesis and Motherhood: How Prenatal Testing Shapes Our Cultural Understandings of Pregnancy and Disability - Fiona Place
. Able to Live, Laugh and Love - Veronica Wain
. iTunes Is Pretty (Useless) When You’re Blind: Digital Design Is Triggering Disability When It Could Be a Solution - Katie Ellis, Mike Kent
. Innovation and Disability - Gerard Goggin
. Is There an End to Out-Able? Is There an End to the Rat Race for Abilities? - Gregor Wolbring