Wednesday, April 09, 2008

"The Memory Keeper's Daughter" airs on TV this weekend

From the Washington Post:

For readers interested in disability films and representation: the best-selling Kim Edwards novel, "The Memory Keeper's Daughter," has been adapted as a movie and will air on the Lifetime Channel on Saturday, April 11, at 9.00pm. If you miss it, you can catch it again on Sunday evening at 8pm.

In keeping with the book, the film is about the birth of twins, one of whom has Down syndrome, and the father's rejection of the baby with Down syndrome. Following her birth, he tells his wife the baby has died and instructs a nurse to take the baby to an institution. However, the nurse impulsively decides to raise the child as her own, and moves to another city so as to build a life for herself and the girl, whom she names Phoebe. Although the father is emotionally destroyed by his decision, it inadvertently gives his daughter with Down syndrome a good life, because Caroline, the nurse who raises her, becomes a disability advocate for the rights of her child.

The movie, which was filmed in Halifax, Nova Scotia, includes actors with Down syndrome, and is getting strong reviews from critics. For more details about the film and links to a trailer and interviews, check out BA Haller's post over at her blogspot Media dis&dat. You can read the full review in the Washington Post here. To go to the "Memory Keeper's Daughter' official web-site, click here.