Friday, February 15, 2008

Feminist-Disability Links #11

It's reported in the Times that the head of a Baghdad psychiatric hospital has been accused of supplying al-Qaida in Iraq with mentally impaired patients to carry out suicide attacks.

A Gresham (Oregon) man will now face a murder charge after it is discovered his wife, whom he says he killed out of empathy, never had a fatal disease.

Seriously disabled children should be considered non-persons and would be better off having been aborted, according to a Peer speaking in the House of Lords Tuesday. Attempting to couch her assertion in terms of children's rights, Molly Baroness Meacher told the Lords that children born with severe disabilities are not viable people. The full story is available here.

The case against a man charged with the sexual abuse of a blind and partially paralyzed nursing home resident now rests with an Erie County grand jury.

A woman and her daughter charged with suspected neglect and death of 21-year-old family member with mental and physical disabilities will appear in court on Feb. 14. Full story here.

The trial of a Parksville man accused of sexual abusing an intellectually impaired girl when she was 15, began on February 4.

Elder abuse cases are on the rise.

A Waterford Drive woman and her boyfriend forced her 18-year-old intellectually impaired daughter to sit outside in the frigid cold, according to police.

Australian euthanasia advocate Philip Nitschke has been accused of advising a depressed woman who took her own life about smuggling lethal drugs from Mexico.
The Sunday Star-Times reported that the 68-year-old woman, who was not terminally ill, killed herself in 2006 with drugs she smuggled home from Mexico after seeking advice from Dr Nitschke.

Former delegate, Mitch Van Yahres, has died. He was 81, and has been defined as an advocate for social justice. Thanks to his efforts, in 2001 Virginia became the first state to express its profound regret for the practice of involuntary sterilization of thousands of poor people and mentally impaird patients. California and other states have followed suit with official apologies. More here.