Tuesday, November 27, 2007

FRIDA Celebrates Our Second Anniversary!

Today, FRIDA celebrated our second anniversary with an all-out FRIDA bash at Access Living! By my guess we had about 60 people attend, most with disabilities, from all different walks of life. We even had out of towners attend (Hi Cilla and Mike!). This was a terrific community event, and if you missed it, you'll have to come back next November.

Our activities included: a FRIDA history timeline, a potluck, FRIDA mask making, raffles of things such as wheelchair toggle skirts, website unveiling, t-shirts and hand-painted mannequins, an auction of Frida Kahlo items, a birthday cake, a mini FRIDA (Lluvia dressed up as FRIDA), lots of music and talking....we still have FRIDA dolls and t-shirts for sale if anyone is interested in ordering some.

This was a great way to wrap up our second year, during which we have seen so much action! It's terrific to have our community come together and just have a really good party. Thanks to everyone who came and here's to a new great year for FRIDA!

Oh PS: Emylee made this incredible pinata that is a Frida Kahlo head, complete with earrings and necklace. Holy crap. I have to get pictures up.... The pinata is currently (unbroken) at Access Living.