Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sarah James Rogers. Poor, black, and deemed "unpredictable", they removed her uterus. The state ended up saying they were sorry, but actions speak louder than words and Mrs. Rogers died without evidence of the state's sincerity.

The state apologized but what about the medical establishment? Have doctors apologized for their role in eugenics programs? Or are they too waiting, hoping to bury this piece of their field's history along with the aging victims?

How many times have our doctors betrayed us? How many women categorized as "inferior" have had our wombs cut from our bodies and discarded along with our dreams of motherhood?

No, we must not forget Sarah James Rogers, the thousands of women who like Sarah have been given "no-choice" in reproductive decisions, and the young women of today who are still at risk of this kind of medical abuse and must fight to keep their reproductive organs intact.

Which feminist position will step forward and embrace our long-neglected group of marginalized women: women with disabilities?