Friday, February 16, 2007


That's right folks, on Tuesday, February 20 at 2 pm, FRIDA/ADAPT/Not Dead Yet is scheduled to meet with AMA CEO Dr. Michael Maves and AMA Board Chairman Dr. Cecil Wilson, who is in Chicago from Florida for the day. At this meeting, we will open dialogue on our demands. Many thank yous to our faithful feminist freedom fighter Sharon Lamp for serving as our AMA phone contact!

Many thanks also to everyone across the US who called and emailed and faxed various members of the AMA over the last month. FRIDA, ADAPT and Not Dead Yet are aware that there have been many who have been working behind the scenes to get the AMA to meet. Also, there has been incredible informaion sharing between diverse advocates. Together, we have all created some historically significant pressure to seize on an issue to expose real problems. FRIDA/ADAPT/NDY applaud everyone in our community for their UNITY!

Remember, this is only one step in our campaign! Right? Smile. So that means we gotta prepare for this meeting...and keep you guys posted, of course! Please contact us if you feel there is information we should have prior to the meeting.

Congratulations to everyone!