Monday, April 03, 2006

Jones' Secretary Was Not Cool.

Women, I called IL Speaker of the House Emil Jones' office the other day to request an increase in asset allotments for seniors, on a designated call in day, and the secretary tried to swat me down!

I called in using NexTalk, which if you are unfamilar with it is a software program that functions like a TTY. When I called, the secretary goes, "A relay call? Oh, I don't have time for this. I am guessing you are calling about the senior issue?" How dare she assume why I am calling, and how dare she say she doesn't have time for a relay call? I am perfectly aware that my calls take a long's taking some of my sweet time away too! And I am feeling a little hearing people-Jim Crow about this. Hearing Calls Only. So I gave her an aggrieved response but added that she should remind Speaker Jones to support an increase in allotments. Can you retaliate and advocate at the same time? Hmm.

I wonder if she heard me.