Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Disability Presence at the Johnson Ruling Thursday, January 5

The court case of Kirsten Johnson has concerned Chicago activists for several months now. To learn more about the case, see the links in the right sidebar.

Judge James Riley has ordered a gynecologist to testify on January 5 on the most appropriate method of birth control for Johnson. If the gynecologist recommends permanent sterilization, and Riley decides to go with that recommendation, they will disregard Johnson's expressed desire to be able to have children.

The controversy here is not over birth control or sterilization per se. Millions of people with and without disabilities have made the decision either to use birth control or get sterilized, as a matter of personal choice. Instead, the issue is whether the court will respect Kirsten Johnson's basic human right to make her own reproductive choices, or give that right to her guardian.

The gynecologist is set to to testify Thursday, January 5 at 55 W. Washington. The disability community needs to demonstrate its concern. For those who would like to join FRIDA activists in a rally at Daley Plaza, we will be meeting at the Picasso sculpture. We will post the exact time in the next 24 hours.